About the Project

Hand-Eye Supply's Pop-up Institute for Craft and Ingenuity was a month long pop-up shop and educational happening in collaboration with Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles, California. Hand-Eye Supply is a retail store in Portland, Oregon which serves the design and making communities on a local, national and world-wide level.  It is the official store of one of the Internet's oldest websites – Core77 – which has been covering design and providing resources to creative professionals for the past 18 years. Space 15 Twenty is a unique retail setting which collaborates with creative brands and includes a performance space, gallery, book shop and restaurant.

In addition to the fully stocked pop-up retail shop, Hand-Eye Supply engaged the Los Angeles public and maker communities with special programming that included; woodworking workshops with Offerman Woodshop, a letterpress demo with Tabletop Made, a film series including a screening with Craft in America, an open mic night with DeLab, a felting workshop with Tanya Aguiniga, an art party with LA Forum for Architecture and speed dating for creatives with hosts Jimmy Marble and Adi Goodrich! 

The Pop-Up Institute Manifesto

We believe that the creative process has inherent value—that the act of making itself is profoundly important. We aim to foster a unique environment which both engages Los Angeles' dynamic community of makers, highlighting their endeavors and appeals to the public, providing them a taste of the pleasures of creative work. The Hand-Eye Supply Pop-Up Institute for Craft and Ingenuity is the physical manifestation of our aspirations:

  • To find and empower the raw maker spirit. To help turn those who would make into those who do
  • To demystify the creative process. Our contributors come from a variety of fields to share ideas, concepts, plans and techniques, and allow us initial access to their craft. 
  • To unify the disciplines in a space where makers, crafters, doers and DIYers of all kinds can gather to learn with and from each other.  
  • To provide a venue for play. Doing it all wrong, playing and experimenting is how we (eventually) get it right. 

To start small, but think big. To get our hands dirty, to work our consciences clean, to stay up all night while we figure it out, or scrap it and start again tomorrow. To learn from those who came before us, and lend a hand to the up-and-comers. But ultimately, as always, and most importantly, we’re here TO MAKE THINGS.